How to Buy a Dog House


Dog House          A dog house is a very important part of your pet dog’s life. A dog house is a refuge usually outside of the house that the dog calls its home and retreats to, to rest or hide. There are many different types of dog houses of different shapes and sizes. There are many things to consider when purchasing a dog house from the size of the dog, how large it will become, its activity level, the dog house construction, and others. If you are looking to buy a dog house keep the following ideas in mind when searching for one.

Step 1

Decide between an insulated versus non insulated dog house. An insulated dog house can retain a lot of heat in the winter and fall when temperatures are low. This will provide a warm haven for your dog to retreat to when it is outside. Insulated dog houses are definitely the dog house of choice. However they are more expensive than your standard dog houses.

Step 2

Material review selection is another criteria you will want to think about when purchasing a dog house. Dog houses are typically made of either wood, plastic, or vinyl siding such as the weatherproof models. Wood dog houses are usually the cheapest and easiest to make. Wood is quite durable and can last a long time. Plastic dog houses require less maintenance and are lightweight. Vinyl siding houses protect the structure from the extreme chances in weather from summer to winter and prevent cracking of the material due to thermal expansion and contraction.

Step 3

You want to choose the proper size of your dog house so that your dog is comfortable and has enough room to move inside. At the same time you do not want too large of a dog house if you live in a cold climate like in the Northeast because the extra size inside the dog house will not keep the heat in the house and the dog will be much colder. Make sure the total height of the dog house is larger than the height of your dog from its foot to the top of its head. Also make sure there is enough volume in the dog house for the dog to be able to go in fully and turn around with extra room to spare. The opening height of the dog house opening does not need to be as tall as the dog’s head as the dog can lower its head to enter the doghouse with no problem.

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