How to Buy a Fish Bowl


          Fish bowls are the main homes for your pet fish. The fish bowl is extremely important in the life of your pet fish whether it’s a goldfish, tetra fish, angel fish or any combination of the group. The fish bowl will be the home where your pet fish spends its entire life. The size and shape of your fish bowl as well as any items in it can greatly influence the life of your pet fish and how long it lives. There are many different fish bowls sold in pet stores and it can be confusing on which one to purchase. Follow the tips below to help you purchase the right fish bowl for your goldfish or other pet fish.

Step 1

There are many different shapes of fish bowls that you want to consider before buying one. The classic fish bowl shape is that of a circle of a certain diameter and a width from the front end to the back end. There are also more spherical shaped bowls and rectangular style aquarium bowls. Generally the larger the width of the bowl for a given diameter size the more room your pet fish will have to swim around without having to constantly turn around to avoid hitting the bowl. It is important to get a fish bowl of adequate size or larger for your pet fish because cramming a goldfish into a small bowl constantly causes it to have to turn around to swim without hitting the bowl. In their natural habitat goldfish are used to having a lot more room to swim straight so the larger the bowl the better. This will allow their muscles and bodies to exercise normally. Since pet fish cannot just sit still, they swim around almost constantly depending on the type of fish.

Step 2

Also, the smaller the size of the bowl the more contaminated the environment will become for the pet fish between cleaning times. The goldfish’s or tetra fish’s fecal matter collects at the bottom of the fish bowl in between cleanings. The larger the fish bowl, the more water there is in the bowl to dilute the toxins at the bottom of the bowl. So this means that if you want to keep your pet fish very healthy it will be harder with a smaller bowl because you will have to clean it much more frequently so the fish can breathe easier.

Step 3

Generally fishbowls are made of a type of plastic or glass depending on the style. The plastic bowls are lighter weight and much easier to move around with water inside of them. Most designs of fish bowls from circular to spherical are usually plastic. On the other hand you can purchase an aquarium fish home that many times is made of glass or thicker plastic because they tend to be much larger and will hold a lot more water. An aquarium if you can afford it is the best solution for your pet fish especially if you have multiple fish. You can also add a lot of gravel and plants as well as props at the bottom of the aquarium because there is a larger surface are on the bottom of the aquarium tank for things. Your pet fish will thank you for this.

Step 4

You also want to add some props to your fish bowl so as not to clutter the bowl either based on its size. You can add many more props to the bottom of an aquarium fish bowl. Review examples of props including plants, little castles, and fish bowl gravel. Fish bowl gravel is very useful to keep wastes locked down to the ground as they settle between the gravel particles and less of the fecal material is kicked around the bowl.

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