How to Pick a Pet Fish


          Pet fish are the most popular pets because they are so easy to take care of and provide good entertainment. Pet fish come in a variety of sizes and types. Each type of pet fish has its own personality, habits, and environmental likes and dislikes. The best way to choose a pet fish is to review what you are looking for in a pet fish entertainment wise then select a fish based on that requirement. When cared for well pet fish can live decent life spans and provide endless entertainment.

Step 1

Learn the different types of pet fish available. There are tropical fish, freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and coldwater fish. Each type of pet fish has a different requirement for its tank and water environment so you must learn what is required. Also many of the types of fish cannot be combined into one tank such as saltwater fish with freshwater fish. Make sure you know the limitations and buy your fish accordingly so that you can have them in one tank. There are also temperature requirements that vary for the different types. Tropical fish generally need higher temperatures and water temperatures that do not vary by many degrees. Other fish such as coldwater or temperate fish can usually be in water tanks with a larger temperature range.

Step 2

Tropical fish usually can be distinguished from other types of pet fish because many times they are multi colored or have intricate stripes. Tropical fish come in many different shapes and sizes such as pretty oval shaped yellow fish, or translucent pinkish hued fish. The bright colors of tropical fish come from increased pigments in the skin of the fish for saltwater fish and iridescence in freshwater fish. Many of the popular types of tropical fish are those that live near the coral reefs in their natural environments.

Step 3

Saltwater pet fish are a little more difficult to care for in that they need saltwater aquariums to survive. Examples of saltwater pet fish include gobies, tangs, clownfish, wrasse, and angelfish. For tropical saltwater fish it is a good idea to make a simulated reef environment in the aquarium tank to simulate the environment in which the fish live.

Step 4

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Step 5

Freshwater fish are easier to take care of as it is easier to change and refill their water supply. Review examples of freshwater pet fish include goldfish, catfish, guppies, rainbow fish, stingray, and molly. Freshwater fish are commonly sold in pet stores and pet fish stores all across the US. They are the most common choice for pet fish.

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