Deal with Bad College Roomates


          So you have found yourself in a common and bad college situation. You are having issues with your college roommates. This issue happens at least once to every college student some time during their studies. You may feel that you have no options when living with roommates you dislike. However there are options available to you that will allow you to live in piece in your dorm or apartment. Follow the steps below to resolve your roommate issues.

Step 1

Talk to your roommate before initiating any other actions. Attempt to resolve your problems directly with your roommate before resorting to other means. Ask your roommate to set aside some time for the two of you to have a meeting. Sit him or her down in the living room or common area and discuss the problems you are having. This may be making excessive noise that is interfering with your studies or your roommate having loud parties at night for example. Let them know how their actions are negatively affecting you and offer some solutions.

Step 2

If step one does not resolve your problem consider contacting your RA to file a complaint. Your RA or resident advisor acts as the person in charge of your dorm or floor. He or she may be able to help you. First set up a meeting with your resident advisor and tell him or her all the issues you are having with your roommate. Tell them you have already tried talking to the roommate and nothing has been resolved. Say that you would like to file a complaint. Ask them what they recommend as the next step you should take.

Step 3

If your roommate issue is not resolved within a month of trying and it is interfering with your studies then consider moving to another dorm room. Put in for a dorm room transfer request. You may be put on a waiting list. If not then try to find a student in another room who is willing to switch rooms with you. Contact your resident or housing advisor to put this through.

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