How to Deal with PMS for Guys


          Girls can be very tricky to understand under normal circumstances. So it is no wonder that men have a very difficult time relating to a woman while they are undergoing PMS. Here are some steps to get through this rough period of the month and maybe even save your relationship.

Step 1

First understand what is really going on. In order to deal with the situation you must realize what your girl is going through. PMS is a very uncomfortable and irritating time for her including physical pain, discomfort, and emotional instability. She may end up taking her frustrations out on all those around her without realizing it, but it is not her fault. If we were going through the same changes we would probably act the same way.

Step 2

Do not take personally any verbal attacks or issues she may bring up during the PMS week. Avoid serious conversations about the relationship during this period because the arguments may break up the relationship. Wait until the PMS is over before the two of you make serious decisions about any problems you are having as a couple.

Step 3

Get her ice cream. This is not a joke. Ice cream seems to be one of the very few foods that can soothe her stomach during its painful cramping period. The cooling effect of the ice cream in the stomach as well as the endorphins it releases will give her a calming effect.

Step 4

Try to treat her nicer than usual during this time of the month. If you feed off of her arguments it will just add fuel to the fire and make things worse for you.

Step 5

Never offer to purchase her PMS support medications to lessen her symptoms. The mere thought of you treating this as a medical condition will send her into an outrage as if you are somehow trying to minimize her feelings. It is much better to just offer additional emotional support during this rough time.

Step 6

Most importantly do not despair. This will be over soon, and you two will be back to being a normal loving couple, hopefully.


Additional Advice

                   Many women say things they regret to their significant others during PMS and realize it after the ordeal is over. Try not to take what she says personally.

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