How to Flirt with a Cute Girl


          If you are like most guys you have no idea how women work, nevermind how to go about flirting with them. Whether you are at school, in a library, on the street, or in a supermarket women are always available to flirt with and try to pick up. Study the following steps to become a sleuth at flirting with women.

Step 1

Notice whether a girl is making eye contact with you. No matter where you are women are checking you out whether you know it or not. They are just extremely subtle doing so and most men never pick up on their signals. When you enter a situation such as a room or party with women look at their faces and see if they are making eye contact with you.

Step 2

Send some signals of your own. Find the girls that are making eye contact with you and look back at them. If they look away, keep your eyes focused on them. If they look back at you then look away then look back again it means they are interested in you. Take this as a good sign.

Step 3

Flirt with Girl SmileSend over a smile. If after you have made several rounds of eye contact she is still occasionally looking your way, then smile at her. If she smiles back you are on the right track. If she doesn’t it does not necessarily mean she is not interested in you. If she keeps looking at you after you smile it means she is interested.

Step 4

Relax. Oddly, this is one of the most important steps. By this point you may be pretty nervous. But you must realize she is just as nervous as you are. There is nothing that makes women less nervous than you are. After all they are human too. You must realize this in order to succeed.

Step 5

Now go over and approach the woman you have been flirting with. Just go up to her and say “Hi what’s your name”. It is proven time and time again that this is a better line than most pickup lines. Girls appreciate an honest approach like this much more than using some pickup line on her.

Step 6

Practice flirting over and over again. Practice it with many different girls. Like with everything else practice makes perfect. This is also true in the dating game. In order to get good at it you need to practice it to the point where it becomes second nature.


Additional Advice

                   Remember that girls are not aggressive at all so they will usually never initiate the conversation. It is thus up to you the guy to be the one to start talking to her.

                   You may get discouraged when many girls give you mixed signals that you cannot understand. Don’t worry sometimes they screw up too and only realize it afterward. Just keep practicing and eventually you will be able to figure it out on your own.

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