Get Over an Ex and Move On


          Getting over an ex boyfriend or girlfriend is not an easy thing to do. So many people have to deal with this kind of emotional pain on a daily basis. Maybe your ex hurt you in the relationship emotionally by cheating on you. Perhaps the breakup was mutual or one sided. Did they treat you badly and take advantage of you. No matter how the breakup happened, in the end if you don’t get back together, you need a way to get over your ex and move on with your life. Follow the steps below to try to get over your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend.

Step 1

Spend quite a bit of time in the beginning letting out your emotions. Right after a breakup, emotions are too strong to do anything productive. At this stage you need to let your emotions out and not bottle them in. Bottling in your breakup emotions is a sure fire way to cause you much anguish in the future. You will probably be crying alone a lot, and sleeping a lot. This is normal and a way to release some of your anguish.

Step 2

After you grieve a little bit, start talking with others about your experience. Talk to others who went through similar breakups as you did. Sharing your story will accomplish two goals. It will help you release your pent up emotions as well as hear stories from others to give you courage.

Step 3

Start a new hobby or rekindle an old hobby that you stopped doing while you were in your relationship. A new hobby will occupy your time and give you something to focus your energy on.

Step 4

Social place gymJoin a gym and start an exercise routine. Exercise can release endorphins and make you feel better. Working on yourself is one of the best ways to get over your ex. Being in a social place like a gym is also another way to meet people.

Step 5

Focus on all the negative parts of the relationship and reasons why the two of you should not be together. It may be helpful to make a list of all the wrongs the other person did to you in the relationship. Focusing on all the hurtful things that were done to you will make it easier to let go of your ex.

Step 6

At some point in getting over your ex you will have to take a final step in moving on to date other people. This means a symbolic gesturing to prove to yourself that you are over that person. An example would be cutting up some of the old photos of the two of you together. This action acknowledges that you have moved on.


Additional Advice

                   Know that you may never forget about this person and may still continue to care about them. This is a normal consequence of being with them for so long.

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