How to Hire a Wedding Planner


          A wedding planner is a person with a lot of experience planning and organizing weddings that can be an invaluable aid to your wedding. Taking on the responsibilities of all the wedding tasks including finding a wedding cake maker, organizing the reception hall, or ordering flowers can be very daunting when you have so many other stresses surrounding your wedding. A wedding planner can take this wedding stress off your back. A wedding planner can do a majority of roles for you including helping with the budget for the wedding, negotiating with wedding services to lower rates for you, and organizing wedding services. Wedding planners can be expensive however so you must determine if you can afford a wedding planner and if you really need one. Read the advice below on how to help you hire a wedding planner.

Step 1

Determine if you really need a wedding planner. Are you feeling stressed out about your wedding? Is the size of your wedding too large and you feel overwhelmed about planning for it? These are some of the questions you should ask before deciding to look for a wedding planner. A wedding planner can be expensive make sure you can afford one. Generally the larger the wedding will be, both in the amount of money it costs and total people attending the wedding, the chances are greater that you will need a wedding planner. In addition another criteria for choosing a wedding planner is timing. Is your wedding happening much sooner than you think you can schedule everything for? If you are rushing your wedding timeline then the greater the chances are that you will need a wedding planner. If you meet several of the criteria above and feel too stressed out to handle your own wedding planner then you should hire a wedding planner.

Step 2

Can I afford a wedding planner? Well that depends. First you need to find out generally how wedding planners make their money to better help you understand if you can afford one or not. There are a few different ways in which a wedding planner will make money. She or he can take a percentage cut of the entire budget for the wedding. This percentage can range anywhere from 5% to 20% more or less. This percentage can usually be negotiated with the wedding planner prior to hiring her services. This means that the more expensive your wedding budget the more money the wedding planner will make. Be careful here as with this method sometimes you have a situation where the wedding planner will try to get you to raise your budget on the wedding and spend more money therefore increasing their profit margins. Another way in which wedding planners get paid is that they charge a flat rate for their services. For example they may charge you a onetime fee of several thousand dollars to plan your wedding. There is yet another way that wedding planners can make their money. They can take percentage cuts from each of the service companies they use to plan your wedding such as for example a percentage cut from the fee the wedding cake designer gets, a percentage of the wedding florist’s money, and a percentage of the wedding photographer’s pay for example. As you can see there are many different ways a wedding planner can get paid but it is usually a good amount of money. So make sure you are financially capable of paying for a wedding planner if you need one.

Step 3

Now you need to search for a wedding planner. There are several ways you can do this. First you can use word of mouth through your married friends who may have already used a wedding planner. Ask your friends if their planner was good, what their fee structure was and how they enjoyed working with them. Another method to use is the old fashioned way of using the yellow pages, magazines, and paper advertisements to find a wedding planner. Unfortunately it is harder to find a planner these days with that method because everything is going digital. The final way you can find a wedding planner is by searching online for one. You can easily find a plethora of wedding planners in your area by using the internet to search for their services in your local area. Once you have found several wedding planners make a list of a few of them that look good to you. You will use this list in the next step.

Step 4

If you have narrowed your wedding planner list to a couple of wedding planners, now you can go ahead and schedule initial appointments or interviews with them. Call them and say you are looking to hire a wedding planner and are in the process of interviewing planners and would like to meet for a consultation. Remember that your goal in meeting with these planners the first time is to evaluate the wedding planner, find out how much they charge, and see how good they would be at planning your wedding. When you meet with each of the wedding planners, interview them on how many weddings they have performed, whether they have exclusive contracts with certain florists, wedding cake designers, etc. or are they open to finding new wedding suppliers. Also feel out whether the wedding planner is personable and treats you nicely during the consultation. Remember that you will be working closely with this person for a long time and for one of the most important events of your life, your wedding. So you want to choose someone whom you also feel comfortable with. After you have met initially with all the wedding planners write down on a list all the pros and cons of each one. Then weigh the list so you can choose the right wedding planner for your unique wedding.

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