Increase Chances of Having a Baby


Increase Chances of Having Baby          A baby is the greatest gift a couple can give to each other. Sometimes a couple can have problems trying to conceive but there are a few steps you can do to increase your chances of having a baby.

Step 1

Try to make love as often as possible. This is a game of statistics. The more often you try to conceive the higher your chance of getting pregnant. Also, making love often increases the male body’s ability to generate sperm at a faster rate. This will serve to increase his fertility levels.

Step 2

Excercise Increase FertilityBoth you and your significant other should start an exercise program. Exercise will strengthen your reproductive organs and help increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Step 3

Daily multivitaminTake a daily multivitamin. Multivitamins have zinc, antioxidants, and b vitamins all which help reduce oxidative damage of sperm, and will help increase your fertility.

Step 4

Make sure to conceive before age 40. By age 40 a woman’s fertility starts to decline at a more rapid rate making having a baby in your 40’s markedly more difficult due to a decrease in the quality of the eggs.

Step 5

Relax. If all else fails and you still cannot conceive there are other options available to you. Adoption is always available. You not only will fulfill your dreams of having a child but you will also make the dreams of a little boy or girl and give them a family.

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