How to Keep a Man Interested in You


Man of your dreams          If you have found the man of your dreams and want to keep him interested in you and around for the long haul then follow these steps to help you keep him interested. The worst feeling is when you let someone special like that slip through your fingers. Here are some steps to ensure that you keep him around.

Step 1

Depending on what type of guy he is give him his space or smother him. If he is the type of guy who loves affection then smother him. If he is the type of guy who was not shown much affection as a child then give him plenty of space or else you will drive him away. This totally depends on what type of guy he is so you must determine this first before choosing which of these paths to go down.

Step 2

Model for him in sexy lingerie. This may seem superficial to you, but it will keep his animal instincts excited to see you in different sexy outfits. Try to buy a different outfit every two months and model them for him in bed often. This will keep things exciting for him and will make him appreciate you much more and not want to lose you.

Step 3

Determine what hobbies he is interested in and support him in doing so. Never make one of his hobbies a sore spot between the two of you because you do not like it. Remember you do not have to like his hobby. But just make sure you support him in doing it. Give him positive reinforcement. The worst thing a man hates is a woman who is trying to change him into something he’s not.

Step 4

Make sure you like his family or pretend that you do if you do not. A man’s family is important to him, more so than his friends. So make sure you show him that you like them.

Step 5

Take initiative in the relationship. Do not let him make all the decisions. In fact be proactive in asking him to do things and offering ideas for fun. He will like that you are working at the relationship as well and think you are a keeper.

Step 6

If all this fails and he leaves you eventually, then realize that he was not the one. You will be better off without a person who didn’t care enough about you to want you to be in his life forever. Karma will get him later, don’t worry. Try to move on with your life and find another man who will love you.


Additional Advice

                   Men like women who can cook for them often because this means to them that they will be a good mother to his children some day. This is the man’s instinctual brain working here, so if you are not handy in the kitchen take a class or two!

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