Pick up a Cute Guy


How to Keep a Man          Ladies, there is a lot you can do to make sure the guy you are interested in asks for your number. Since most women would never approach a guy themselves to ask him for his number, follow these steps to get him to realize he must do the job himself.

Step 1

Find the guy you are interested in. The location can be anywhere, whether it is in the subway, supermarket, mall, or library. Now that you have your target locked in you can focus on making him come to you.

Step 2

Start making eye contact with him. Look at him until he looks at you. This may take a few minutes of staring but you must keep staring until he looks back at you. Don’t falter or get scared if he doesn’t look at you right away. He may be not looking in your direction. Eventually you will catch him.

Step 3

Look down for a few seconds then look back at him. Keep looking down then making more eye contact with him. Continue this process for a few cycles. If he keeps looking at you as well this means he likes you. Now it’s time for the next step.

Step 4

To get him to realize that you actually like him and want him to approach you, you must start smiling at him. This is where most girls fail, because they are either too nervous to do so or do not realize that they must make the guy feel comfortable enough to approach her without being rejected.

Step 5

Repeat step 4 several times. Each time look down or to the side after you smile. Play this game several times. Each time make sure you smile. If he smiles back and does the same thing that means he likes you a lot. If he doesn’t smile back at all that means you should move to another target or try to flirt again someplace else with another cute guy.

Step 6

Now the guy may or may not approach you after this time. If he doesn’t then you should smile again as you look at him and put your hand up in a half wave to him. This will fully confirm in his mind that you like him and he will now have no excuse but to come over to you and start talking.

Step 7

Finally keep practicing. You must keep practicing this method in order to get so good at it that you do not become nervous anymore. That is the key. You must get rid of your nerves before this method will work the way you want it to. The only way to do this is practice practice practice.


Additional Advice

                   There is no shame in saying hi to a guy you like. For some reason women think it is taboo to initiate a conversation with a man, but men think the opposite way. Most guys would love if a girl would actually come up to them for a change and introduce themselves instead of them having to do all the work all the time.

                   If the guy starts talking to you and you realize he is a creep abort the mission. Say you thought you recognized him as someone you knew but made a mistake.

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