Stressed Out Over Wedding


          Is your wedding date coming faster than you can handle? Did you not do enough work in the beginning to plan your wedding and things are getting too stressful? Have things not gone your way planning and are now falling apart and you do not know what to do? Or are you just getting stressed out in general over your wedding. Stressing out over your wedding is one of the most common and expected consequences of planning a wedding. Now you know that this is normal and in fact even if everything went according to plan and your wedding was planned from over a year away there will still be times when you will get stressed out over your wedding. Luckily there are ways to de-stress from all your wedding drama. Some of them are small little steps and others are drastic. Read the advice below to help you distress from your wedding planning.

Step 1

There are both small steps you can take to distress and big steps. One of the largest most drastic steps you can take to de-stress from your wedding is by hiring a wedding planner. A wedding planner will organize your wedding and do all the running around to suppliers such as the wedding cake makers, or the designers, or venue owners. She will be your liaison and general manager when it comes to your wedding. She will greatly reduce your wedding stress because instead of you running around to all the locations to do the work yourself all you will have to do is periodically speak with her on the phone and have her do all the running around for you. This is the best way and also the most expensive way to de-stress from your wedding stress.

Step 2

Take a look at where your wedding stress is coming from. Is your wedding stress just coming from the wedding being too close to the date and you not having enough accomplished or is there something deeper. Sometimes people are stressed about their wedding but the reason is deeper. Ask yourself if you are stressed over the wedding planning itself or are you afraid of something else. Sometimes people mask wedding stress over something deeper such as subconscious regrets about the wedding itself or not being 100% sure about marrying the person they are marrying. If something like this is the case, it may be wise to talk to your fiancé and put the wedding on hold until you can get some help maybe professional counseling if required to figure out what the problem is. This is a rare cause of wedding stress but it is known to happen as sometimes people rush into weddings and are not sure they are marrying the right person.

Step 3

There are small steps you can take to reduce stress of the wedding. Many times wedding planning stress is actually caused by the people closest to you such as your mother, siblings, or other people trying to butt in when you are planning your wedding. Much of your stress is caused and aggravated by these people. At some point you have to say to them that this is “your wedding” and you will make your own decisions on what to do. The extra added stress of everybody else butting in can cause you to have an overload and a nervous breakdown. It is beneficial to sit down with your fiancée and discuss who in your family is causing you the most stress during your wedding planning and have an intervention with them to reduce the amount of input they are having on your wedding. Be careful not to alienate them and gently explain to them how you are getting too stressed out with so many people adding their two cents about the wedding that you are supposed to be planning for yourself.

Step 4

All throughout the year of your wedding planning, plan several spa days for yourself to relax and de-stress. Spend the day or half the day at the spa. Try a relaxing mud bath, with cucumbers on your eyelids for the soothing effect. Also make sure you get a full body massage at the spa that day to completely relax your muscles. Having a de-stressing spa day periodically throughout your wedding planning year will definitely help you loss some of the stress.

Step 5

Consider enrolling in and taking a few yoga classes a week. Yoga, especially Yin Yoga is a fantastic de-stressor. Doing regular yoga even one or two days a week can really reduce your stress. Also Yin yoga helps release the chemical GABA which is the brain’s natural calming chemical which will help further reduce stress.

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