How to Tell if Girl is Interested in You


          The game of dating is hard and confusing. But how do you even get there in the first place? If trying to see if a girl is interested in you is like rocket science to you then you have come to the right place. Follow these steps to determine if the girl you like is interested in you before you make a move to talk to her.

Step 1

Spot the girl you like whether it is in a subway, at the mall, in a library, or at school.

Step 2

Try to position yourself in front of her field of view but at least several feet away from her preferably more.

Step 3

Make eye contact with her. Keep your eyes focused on her. Look at her until she looks at you.

Step 4

She may look at you at this point. If she then looks away her eyes rolling towards the sky, it probably means she is not interested in you.

Step 5

If she looks at you and looks down keep watching her. If she looks back up at you another once or more times, she may like you.

Step 6

If she throws a smile your way at this point it means she is interested in you. If she doesn’t try smiling at her and see what her response is. If she half smiles and looks down, it means she likes you.

Step 7

Try looking down and play with your phone or do some other kind of distraction. While you play with your phone for a while look up quickly at her to catch if she is looking at you. If she was looking at you while you were staring at your phone, it means she was secretly checking you out and she likes you.

Step 8

If you throw out some of the previous signals and get a few of the positive responses, then take that as a green light to make your move and strike up a conversation with her.


Additional Advice

                   If a girl is sending you mixed signals and you cannot determine if she is interested, move on to flirting with someone else.

                   Keep practicing the steps above with different girls so that you can become experienced and soon it will become second nature.

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