Buy Beginner Microscope


          Microscopes are great beginner science tools for children to start experimenting in science themselves. Microscopes can open up how the world works on a small scale. Many scientists and engineers had microscopes as children to play around with. Getting your child a microscope is a great way to introduce your young boy or girl to the sciences. If you want to buy a microscope for yourself as a hobby there are many different types out there that will provide you with what you need from studying the structure of leaf cells to watching bacteria grow.

Step 1

Consider a starter microscope kit for your child. A starter microscope kit usually comes with a beginner microscope, some slides, a specimen slicer, a petri dish and other accessories. The microscope usually has a few magnification options such as 40X, 100X, 400X, etc. If you require very high magnifications then a more expensive microscope will be better for you.

Step 2

For the more advanced student in the sciences, a more expensive microscope may suit you. Choose a student microscope with a much higher magnification range than beginner scopes offer. The durability of expensive scopes is much better as they are usually not made mostly of plastics as are beginner microscopes. Student microscopes include different options for grade school, college, and medical school.

Step 3

Purchase a boom stereoscope if you need more moveable functionality but not much magnification. A boom stereoscope is a microscope that that moves or pivots along some type of axis. It allows the user to move the scope around towards their desired target. Boom microscopes typically magnify less than 40X and are used for tasks such as circuit board inspection.

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