Take a Cheap Vacation for Two


Cheap Vacation for Two          Cheap vacations are the cornerstone of a tight family budget. Vacations are a great way to relax and de-thaw from the stresses and strains of daily life. It is recommended to take several vacations throughout the year so that you are not overwhelmed with work. If you are afraid that you can’t afford a vacation in this terrible economy then do not fear. There are ways to take cheap vacations that do not break the wallet.

Step 1

Instead of an expensive international flight book a flight to a location within the country. Non international flights are much cheaper than international flights. There are many wonderful vacation spots in the country such as down south or the west coast that offer sunny alternatives to the more tropical locations.

Step 2

Take a trip to a part of the country where you have relatives or friends. Ask to visit them and stay with them instead of paying for a hotel. Five days and nights in a hotel can cost upwards of $1000. Just the act of staying at someone’s house for free can save so much money. The money saved can pay for flights for two to and from the location.

Step 3

Book flights during off peak vacation times. The cheapest flights are historically booked for middle of the week times. Weekend flights are usually more expensive than weekday flights because this is a heavily traveled time and airlines can charge a premium for the ticket prices.

Step 4

Avoid vacations during typical vacation weeks of the year. This includes Christmas week, spring break week, Thanksgiving week, and winter vacation week. It is best to take trips during off peak times of year. In addition you can get cheaper rates at hotels in warm locations such as Florida during the winter months when most tourists are not visiting.

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