Find the Best Spring Break Locations


Best Spring Break Package          Spring break trips are a college student’s release from the stresses of daily studying and classes. Spring break only comes once a year and is the perfect time to unwind after midterms. Colleges take spring breaks during different times including in March and April. However they are all usually one week long. There are so many springs break travel locations around the world. There are also many options including spring break cruises and spring break packages. If you are confused about how to select a spring break trip follow the steps below to help clarify your decision.

Step 1

Spring break islandDecide first if you want to travel within the continental united states or travel outside of it for spring break. You can make this decision easily by the amount of money you have to spend on spring break. As trips to islands outside of the continental US are usually much more expensive than trips within due to airfare and hotel. A general rule of thumb is if you have less than $1000 dollars to spend on spring break a trip within the US is probably best and if you have over $1000 dollars to spend you can consider trips to islands.

Step 2

Car for Spring BreakYou can rent a car with a group of friends and drive to your spring break location if it is within about one third of the distance across the US away from where you are. For example a trip from Boston to Myrtle Beach South Carolina for spring break would take roughly 16 hours to complete. A trip to Daytona each would be longer but could still be done. A driving trip cross country is not a viable idea for spring break because it would take several days to drive there and several days to drive back so there would be no time left to party.

Step 3

Spring Break PackageSome of the best spring break locations within the US are beaches that are popular with the spring breakers including but not limited to Miami, Daytona Beach, Myrtle Beach, Jersey Shore, and the Beaches of the California Coast. Luckily with several friends going along with you for spring break you can split the cost of one hotel room for all of you which will save a lot of money.

Step 4

Spring Break CancunIf flying outside the US there are many student spring break hot spots to consider. Cancun, Jamaica, and the Bahamas are common island beach locations for spring break. Each location has many hotels right on the beach as well as hundreds if not thousands of spring breakers ready to party. In addition they have much better beaches, and warmer water than continental US locations. When booking a trip for one of these locations try contacting a travel agency that commonly deals with spring breakers. They may be able to get you a cheap spring break package that includes flight, hotel, and food for a low rate.

Step 5

Spring Break Trip OnlineAfter you select a few options for your spring break trip, go online and read reviews about the locations. Use a search engine to look for spring break reviews for any of the locations you are considering. There are many students who have already been to the locations you are interested in and share their positive or negative views online. You will be able to see whether it is worth it to travel to a specific location or not.

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