How to Find Cheap Vacation Alternatives


Cheap vacation alternative          Cheap vacation alternatives are becoming much more commonplace in this terrible economy. As people are losing their jobs and taking pay cuts they are eliminating family vacations as a way to cut back and save. However you do not need to spend much money on vacations to have a fun time and relax. In fact in these tough times it is even more important to try to take vacations so that the stresses of daily life do not consume you.

Step 1

Spring break car rental placeConsider a trip to visit family. Taking a short car ride to visit family for a few days instead of flying to an exotic destination is a very cheap vacation alternative. Family needs to support each other in tough times and visiting them may be just what you need. Staying at a relative’s house for the weekend will save you money on housing accommodations. In addition you will not have to spend much money eating out or any at all if your family is hospitable enough to cook meals for you.

Step 2

Hiking TripTry a hiking trip with the kids at a nearby hiking trail. There may be many hiking opportunities within a few hours’ drive of where you live. Spending a day or two hiking is a very cheap alternative to a more fancy vacation. It provides you with family bonding time as well as exercise and fresh air. You can pack cheap meals for the hiking trip such as sandwiches, fruit, nuts, and water so you do not have to spend much money on food. Instead of staying at a hotel near the hiking trails consider driving there for the day, returning home to sleep at night and driving back there the next morning. This is a way to get an entire weekend hiking trip without having to spend the money to stay at a motel or hotel nearby.

Step 3

Hotel on BeachIf you live near the coast, take several day vacation trips to the beach instead of flying somewhere else. You do not have to stay at a hotel on the beach or rent a house. Instead, stay for the day and return the next day. This way you can get a full weekend trip without having to pay for accommodations. Beach trips are great ways to relax. You can relax in the sun, get a tan, and swim in the ocean all for free or the small cost of parking your car at a meter. Make sure to pack food for the trip instead of spending money on expensive beach seafood.

Step 4

Lazy VacationIf you can spend absolutely no money on a vacation but have a week or so off from work, then take the lazy man’s vacation. This entails doing absolutely nothing for a week. This may include catching up on your sleep, and watching TV all day long. You may take this opportunity to work on a hobby that you enjoy but never have any time to work on. Essentially this type of vacation is the cheapest type of vacation you can take and can be very relaxing.

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