How to Pay for Spring Break


Spring Break Package          Spring break is a great classic college vacation time to have fun with your buddies. There are so many different spring break packages and deals out there as well as locations to go to. Unfortunately many spring breakers are also broke college students who have no extra money to spare. Your college spring break memories will last a lifetime so do not miss out on this fun time. There are many ways to pay for spring break trips and have the experience of a lifetime. Follow these steps to find ways to pay for spring break.

Step 1

Get an on campus job. There are many on campus jobs that can help you supplement your spring break trip costs. You can work at a local coffee shop, the library, or be a class note taker. Usually you can look for on campus jobs through your university’s main website. You will have to fill out W-9 forms and then get matched up with a campus job. There are some jobs such as computer room moderator where you can do your homework at the same time as you do your job. This knocks off two birds with one stone.

Step 2

Get an off campus job. Off campus jobs will be harder to obtain than on campus jobs because they generally will have more requirements and not be as lenient. However they can pay significantly higher than on campus jobs. Consider working for a restaurant near campus, or at a clothing store.

Step 3

Spring Break Car RentalInstead of flying away to spring break, rent a car with more than 3 people and split the costs. You can save a considerable amount of money for spring break by splitting a car rental between 4 people instead of each buying plane tickets. You can take a road trip to a spring break location down south and beak up the cost of gas.

Step 4

Spring Break LoanAsk your friends for a loan for spring break. Let them know that you will pay them back in small installments because you can’t afford all the money right now. Tell them you really want to go with them and promise to pay them back. This might work depending upon what kind of friends you have.

Step 5

You can always ask your parents for a spring break loan as well. However you might have better luck with step 4 above. Tell your parents that you are stressed out from the tough semester and you need a spring break week to unwind at the beach. Let them know that you can work for them to help pay the money back such as landscaping at their house on the weekends.

Additional Advice

                   Look for spring break packages and deals. You might be able to save a bit of money if you book a package through an on campus travel agent.

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