How to File a Car Accident Insurance Claim


          Filing a car accident claim can be a nerve wracking and stressful experience. After you have gotten into an accident the last thing on your mind is how to follow the proper procedure and collect the right information to report the accident claim to your insurance company. Keep the following steps handy so that you will know what to do to report a car accident claim.

Step 1

After the car accident write down the exact location the accident occurred, any landmarks that you were near, and a step by step list of exactly what happened from your perspective. This information will be useful in submitting your car accident claim.

Step 2

If it is warranted, call or wait for a police officer to arrive at your accident location. Have the officer fill out an accident report and get a copy of it. You may use this as an aid in filing your car accident claim.

Step 3

After checking and ensuring that the other motorist is ok and not hurt from the accident begin to collect the information you need from him or her to file your car accident claim. Copy down the other vehicle’s license plate number. Also write down the make, model, color and year of the vehicle you were in an accident with. This information will be used to file your car accident claim.

Step 4

Ask the motorist of the other car for the following information: their full name, auto insurance company, policy number, and driver’s license number. Write this information down along with the previous information about the accident. It is very important to record this information about the other driver involved in the accident to file your car accident insurance claim.

Step 5

If you have a camera with you in your car be sure to take pictures of all the damage caused to both your vehicle and the other driver’s vehicle. Pictures will prove without a doubt how much damage was caused to both vehicles. This helps you make the proper case for your car accident claim.

Step 6

Use the toll free number of your car insurance claim company to call and report the car accident claim. Usually there is an automated reply system with menus that you must go through in order to report your car accident claim. Be sure to have your car insurance policy number handy when filing your claim. You will need it. Answer all the questions from the automated accident claim hotline. Eventually you will be connected to a live person who will complete the process by asking you all the remaining questions necessary to complete your car accident claim. They may tell you that they will mail you certain forms that you will need to complete regarding the accident. The information you collected in steps 1 through 5 will aid you in this process.

Step 7

After you have received the accident claim report in the mail fill them out to the best of your knowledge and mail them back to your car insurance company.

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